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LifeProof FRE Case Samsung Galaxy S6

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Terra firma is hospitable for life — hostile for innovation. FRE for Galaxy S6 - Braces your phone to flourish all over the place on this pale, blue dot. You're doing it right when you're getting dirty. And you won’t think twice about wiping your muddy finger across that pristine display inside FRE. Furnished with a integrated scratch protector, it safeguards your touchscreen without taking away from the touch experience.


Some people try to do water test with this case attached about 30 minutes for every directions, and it performed faultlessly. The phone fit inside the case like a glove. Sound? Certainly, the call volume is suppressed a bit, which is to be expected. These cases are assembled to allows your phone to still be useable, however shield from pretty much anything nature can throw at it (weather/condition wise). Anyone who docked the case for this obviously either a failed to research the LifeProof brand of cases, and is living in a dreamland where everything is great. This was amazing case. And it’s agreeably. Happily give up a touch of volume for 100% waterproof, dust-proof and snow-proof development.

Most people also like this item because the responsiveness is superb, call quality on receiver's end is superb, security, design and color, charging port size and ease of use is very superb at all, the plastic screen is easy to type through and the touch sensitivity is all there. Very sleek, for the protection is boast, the FRE case does not add to much size of the S6 . It’s sturdy, one of the best part of this case.


WaterProof: When the case is completely close, it can be submerged in water and stay in there for 60 minutes. This caters for emergencies that may be caused by kids in the house.

DirtProof: They use the most recent innovation to ensure that the S6 is completely shielded from any kind of dirt.

Snow Proof : Another stunning features of the case is that it can withstand the extreme harsh weather conditions that include snow. You can easily comfortably your S6 in the snow in as much as it has the LifeProof case cover.

Shockproof : This is a qualitative feature that works to guarantee users of this case a lasting duration with this case. It can survive drops of up to 2 meters making it among the best cases in absorbing shock.

So for security and style (who knew they could cooperate?), there is no preferred case over LifeProof.

Available in : Black/Clear, Grey/Clear

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